Four Reasons to Commission Heaven & Stubbs

Real Bespoke Work

Plenty of companies online claim to make bespoke kitchens and they actually don't! They only offer you a range of products that are set styles and sizes. When I say Heaven and Stubbs create bespoke kitchens, I really mean it! So, why choose Heaven and Stubbs over one of the large big name companies? Big companies have to work to a set model. This means that your kitchen will never be truly bespoke and personal to you. Other people will have it too and it is only "bespoke" fitted to your "space". I recently visited a London showroom as a mystery shopper and was told that "we try to be as bespoke as we can!" That's not really bespoke is it? This is why you will see their kitchen designs are given set names. The names on this site are the locations of where the kitchen was built. Each one is unique.

Handcrafted Quality From Start to Finish

Heaven and Stubbs will craft your kitchen from raw materials to a perfect finish and I am so confident in our craftsmanship that I invite you to come to see your bespoke kitchens being handmade at our workshops.

Our Integrity and Personal Investment in Your Happiness

Worried? My customers have told me that their biggest concern when investing into a substantial project like a bespoke kitchen is that a company might not do what they say they're going to do. That a company will not go all out to make their dream kitchen and cut corners. There is always a bit of doubt that a company might not finish it off properly. With Heaven and Stubbs you will have no doubt in your mind. My goal is that you are 100% satisfied. This is the absolute most important thing to me. After all, your happiness will only help Heaven and Stubbs' future. Our reputation and business relies hugely on referrals. I promise you a caring attitude as Heaven and Stubbs is not just a business to me. It's a personal passion! Obviously, you will not be dealing with a commission incentivised sales person. You will be dealing with the person that owns the company. Me! And, you will be able to speak directly to me on my personal mobile phone number throughout the project from beginning to end.

Sustainable Craftsmanship

Several customers have come to Heaven and Stubbs as we create their ideal kitchen in the highest quality of hardwood that is readily available and comes from a sustainable resource. The majority of the "big" names will not be able to deviate from their brochure kitchens as they are not truly bespoke and are pre-built in the wood in the brochure. You will find that our craftsmanship and finish is equal too and in most cases better than the leading kitchen installers.


"We had a long design process with Howard Stubbs as we hadn't done anything on the house for years, so we wanted to make sure that what we were having we would be happy with for a long time.

The whole process went very smoothly and the end result is just what we wanted.

We would very much recommend the company in all aspects of there business, infact we now have another project for them soon."

John & Cheryl Long

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